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Build a successful growing business based on servicing the specific seed potato needs of producers worldwide

Pieper Farms LLC Basics


  • 8,750 tiled, tillable acres owned (3,541 hectares)

  • 100% of farmland is tile drained, ensuring perfect soil moisture

  • 12,000+ total tiled acres of farmland available to the farm through land swap (4,856 hectares)

  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota microclimate

  • Minnesota state potato seed quarantine area ensures no unapproved seed potatoes come within 100 miles of the farm, helping keep our farm disease free

  • Ideal soils for tuber and root structure

  • 180,000 cwt ventilated, temperature controlled, computerized storage

  • Middle of the country location means we can deliver with efficiency to both coasts

  • Experience in international shipping with strong, longstanding customer base

  • Management and farming team in place

  • Wide selection of potato varieties available, including, but not limited to:

    • Chieftain

    • Calwhite

    • Dark Red Norland

    • Red Norland (several strains)

    • Yukon Gold

    • Granola

    • Atlantic

    • Gold Rush

    • Red Lasoda

Minnesota Seed Potato Quarantine Area


  • No other potatoes, seed or commercial, can be grown in area

  • Keeps out other possible disease vectors

  • Many seed areas have cross contamination from other potato crops, we do not

  • 0.5% max virus rating

  • Real economic benefit to customers

  • 100 miles from nearest potato grower



  • Do NOT exist at Pieper Farms, 0 occurrence

    • Ralstonia

    • Dickeya Solani

    • Cyst and Golden Nematode

    • Ring Rot

    • Frost Line

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota Microclimate

The combination of tiled ground and unique microclimate created by the farms proximity to Lake of the Woods creates special growing conditions not found this far North

  • Warm lake water protects crop from frost

  • Warmer fall

  • Overall longer season, 2+ weeks


Unique Protection from Surroundings


  • Protected from South and East by large wetland-forest areas

  • Protected by lake to the North

  • Some farming to West in narrow corridor

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